Pressure was on, as soon as we finished one project we had to have ideas for the next. 

I chose to base my project on woodland mosses and lichen on oak trees in a nearby wood.  It is north facing and really damp and fairly undisturbed.  I spent a few happy hours drawing and stick painting and using my finger in the mud.  Fab fun.

I did quite a bit of artwork but as usual one image tends to work its way into my head and my designs more than the others.  This is the one.  I loved the chalky greens with the bark showing through and the bright mosses on top.

I ordered some gorgeous yarns from Rennies in Scotland.  Cheviot.  But then had big concerns about how fine they were.  In my last project, I vowed never to do any fine work again.  Ah well. 

Sampling went pretty well.  I wanted to explore the idea of Estate Tweeds -they take the colours from the landscape for camoflaging the estate workers in scotland.  One traditional weave structure for this (amongst many checks) is herringbone.  I thought the diagonal lines in this reminded me of the fronds of moss.    The best samples were the ones that I felted in the machine.  I have used boucle and linens in some.  I am pretty pleased so far.  The samples are hard to photograph – the colours are a bit muted but they look ok in real life.

I plan to make bags, with some leather in.  I have found the right brown leather and some perfect lining.  I have warped up my table loom for as wide as it will weave and am about to weave my first batch of material. Really exciting. Then comes the stressful bit – the sewing of the leather.  But I am on target time-wise.  I decided against using the floor loom this time. I haven’t got time to sort out problems with it at the moment.  So all in all, things are going pretty well – 8 weeks to final show!