Thanks Margreet for prompting me to do a post.  I get so behind with reporting where I am up to, that it seems to hard to start.  But…..(jumping about 6 months work)…. here goes.

I finished my project on Morecambe Bay.  I produced a linen cushion with rippling effect.  I used some felting wool at intervals in the weft and when washed at 40 degrees in the washer, it gathered up nicely.  The only problem was, that because it gathers, it meant that I had to weave a very wide piece of fabric.  I had to use my floor loom which was new and wasn’t set up perfectly.  I didn’t have time to sort it so I just ploughed on with it.  I was really happy with the end result

It will always remind me of the coast where I grew up and it’s great to have a souvenir of the Bradford Course