This was in October.  It seems so long ago, I will only briefly mention it.  My tutor supported my decision to drop the PVC idea and the caterpillar inspiration (Inspiration is a bit of a strong word for it).  She made some noises about how, if I’d cut the strips narrower, it might have worked.  But we both acknowledged that the limiting colour from paddling pools was driving the project.  This isn’t the way we have been taught to work.  The inspiration is supposed to drive the project and determine the choice of materials.  Not let the materials drive the project.    Is this the way all designers work ??  I am reading the book about Ann Sutton (Sheehan and Tebby)

and her inspirational use of materials seems largely to drive her projects. This is a photo of her famous Love Seat – made by stuffing woollen tubes (made on a sock machine).  Surely this was a material-driven project ??

  A different way of working…. I need to think about this some more.  How does anyone else work ?  I’d be interested in hearing any views.

I presented my 3 samples that I had worked on using my Estuary theme, and got some very helpful advice (and time to try out) ideas on how to achieve texture in samples without resorting to novelty yarn.  Not that there is anything wrong with novelty yarn, but distorted weaving seems to have more energy.  More on my estuary work in next post.