The most interesting caterpillars move.  The ones that don’t move look a bit like slugs.  I took my daughter for a drawing trip to Sheffield’s Butterfly House.   They were very helpful and provided a box full of caterpillars to draw.  They weren’t very colourful but one of them caught my eye – black and spikey with bright green bits.  As they are small creatures, and I am not a super-dooper photographer, I couldn’t get a decent photo but the drawing went alright. 

Later this developed into my caterpillar period of artIMG_2903IMG_2905.  I got a bit caterpillar-obsessed.  Potato prints, collage,  lino cut ….they all crawled off my sketchIMG_2907book. 




After a  while,  I explored other species of caterpillar.  The black spikes of my first caterpillar were too dominant.  (I also had a lot of blue toddler paddling pool, as you would imagine ).  I found a caterpillar to match.  I think this would be called a Materials-led project.IMG_2910

Right then,  the next logical step is to take all the art work over to the loom and see whether I can create anything caterpillary out of recycled PVC.

Next installment….  (you already know the ending, don’t you)…….