May 2009

Clints (limestone blocks) and Grykes (cracks in between)

Clints (limestone blocks) and Grykes (cracks in between)

We have been given the topic of Layers for our next project with Double Weave as the technique to explore.

I had been thinking about this for a while, as I was familiar with Double Weave.  I had thought of doing Limestone Pavements as a topic – being an ex-geography teacher, it would remind me of school field-trips.  I also admire what the Limestone Pavement Protection group are doing.  They are seeking to protect the limestone from being ripped up and sold at garden centres as water washed limestone, for rockery features.

Above Malham Cove there is an outstanding example of Limestone Pavement.  It’s about 2 hours north of Sheffield.  I’ve reluctantly decided that it’s too far to travel around other commitments.  Another project, another day.

So, I was after something 3 Dimensional for this project to best use Double Weave.    A pine cone …..yes…easy to draw at home,…..doesn’t move about (unlike last project subject matter)…doesn’t wilt and die (like flowers)..  So….Pine Cone…….like the effect of the light/dark.  Texture is very dry and rough.  Time to do a bit of drawing. painting and general pinecone research.


Well, I’m well into the first year of a 2 year course at Bradford College – THE weaving course, apparantly – there’s nothing much else like it round the country.  Distance learning with long weekends in college every couple of months.  Great people on the course.  Learning lots.  Spare time since I started it in Sept- Nil

We’re on project 4 now.  I may go back and do a few photos of previous projects but for now, I intend to stick to this current one.  My design thoughts (in varying degrees of practicality) come thick and fast.   Getting anything down on paper in time before the next urgent idea blasts through is a challenge in itself.  I hope blogging will help me keep track of all my ideas.  A bit like a notebook that I can’t lose.

Project 4 – is about Double Weave (or Double Cloth).  I’ve done some of this before and loved it.  Easy on 4 shafts.  Can make it look like layers of leaves

Double Weave - 2 layers 'stitched' down along centre


Double weave -2 layers with all layers stitched down in centre



Cabbage leaf

 This Spring Cabbage leaf was the inspiration
Or the layers can be stuffed….
Stuffed double weave sample

Stuffed double weave sample

 In this case, the naturally cotton (onion skins) was stuffed with indigo dyed sheeps fleece.

Large Totem Head
Large Totem Head

The inspiration for the stuffed double weave.  Courtesy of Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


I’m Jane and I live in Yorkshire UK.  I’ve been weaving about 3 years.   I’ve recently been introduced to the wonderful world of Art and Design.  This blog is a virtual sketchbook – sharing the journey from idea to finished weavings.  Ambitious ! you cry.  Mmmm maybe….. time will tell.